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The “Mediterranean Compost Network” (MCN) is a network of entities involved in biowaste management and treatment in the MED area promoting initiatives aimed at high quality biowaste management and fostering means of communication and interaction among target entities.

Download here the Medcompost Leaflet

Target entities:

The MCN target entities are those entities involved in biowaste prevention, management (collection, treatment) and compost application located or operating in the MED area (countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea).

The MCN is a starting initiative that will become a formal association during 2016.


Who can be interested in joining the MCN?

>> Entities located or operating in MED AREA <<

  • Local, regional or national authorities
  • National composting associations
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Enterprises involved in biowaste management (suppliers, consultancies)
  • Composting facilities
  • NGOs promoting proper biowaste management
  • Individual experts
  • Chambers of Agriculture, Farmers associations (promotion of end products)